Saturday, September 26, 2009

Big day ...

Good morning! Today is a landmark day in a couple ways for me.

First off, today I'll finish taking nimodipine, which is the two-horse-pills-every-four-hours-rain-or-shine medicine I've been on for a couple weeks. Two more doses! Woo hoo! So after today, I should be back to just my "normal" medications. No more 12 am and 4 am alarms. I'm excited.

The other big step is that today marks the first prayer ministry class in a course Julie took last year and I'm trying out this year. I'm hoping I've got the endurance for it -- class goes from early morning to late afternoon. I'm excited to dig deeper into this material that formed the basis for a class we did at Central last spring called "Making Change." (If I've overestimated and the day gets to be too much, Julie's sister and her family live just a few blocks away so I can crash at their place if need be.)

Third, and this is outside my current sphere of influence but still very exciting is that tonight marks the first "Intro to Alpha" meal at Central for this fall's Alpha experiences. I won't be there, but I'm excited for all those who have put so much energy and time into it. You are all in my prayers!

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