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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Answer to prayer

I had my follow-up appointment with the neurologist yesterday. For the last three weeks -- since I got out of the hospital, really -- I have been pretty much able to do what I want. The docs had told me no jogging, no tree climbing, no wandering around alone in the woods, no mountain biking until this follow-up appointment, so as I've healed up physically I've been running up against those restrictions more and more. I'm afraid I've been something of a source of frustration to Julie and a few others!

But yesterday we got the news I had hoped for -- the neurologist said three things that were music to my ears:

1. We don't know why the hemorrhage happened -- it seems to have been a random thing.
2. Statistically I am no more likely to have a repeat performance than anyone else in the population.
3. There are no activities that I have to avoid for fear of another hemorrhage.

Wow! I was so excited. As we were walking out of the office, I realized just how much I've felt like maybe I'm a walking time bomb waiting to go off. It was an amazing adventure going through all of this -- not something I'd care to repeat anytime soon, but I learned a lot. Those of you who have followed my CaringBridge site and now this blog know that! I have seen God working in the middle of this mess in some amazing ways. It's been very cool. One of the greatest things for me has been all the support, prayers, EVERYTHING that so many people have done for me & my family. I spent a lot of September looking my own death in the face, and that's a good thing to do from time to time. It makes you realize how important the people you love are and makes you reevaluate your priorities.

But it is also good, now, to be able to turn my energy back to life. To work, to hunt, to play Scrabble with Julie and watch movies with Teya.

Life is really, really good. I need to get going so I can swing by Walmart and pick up a bowhunting license.

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