Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday Night Football

I have always been a frustrated Vikings fan. Usually my frustration has been because the Vikes look sooo good but always find a way to choke. Other times I've been frustrated because either a) I've been living somewhere (e.g., Seattle) where the Vikings get almost no airtime, or b) I've decided not to have a television to avoid the mind-numbing wasteland, or c) I have a television but I'm too cheap to spring for cable so I still can't see them. Oh, at one time there was also d) the game isn't sold out and I live in the Twin Cities so it's blacked out in the local markets.

One of the side benefits of having a brain hemorrhage is that I've seen LOTS of Vikings games this fall. In fact I've watched all but about an hour of their regular season games. (When you can't hunt and everyone is telling you to spend more time relaxing, you do what you have to do.) It's very fun, especially this year with all the Favre hooplah and the fact that we're now 4-0 and everyone loves Brett.

It was immensely satisfying to watch the game last night -- especially because Jason (tech wizard) had rigged up a system in which one whole wall of his house became the screen. Very impressive. (This is my other fallback option -- find good friends who will invite me to watch games on their good technical equipment!) The only downside was that we consumed an unbelievable amount of chips and salsa. Ouch.

One of the commentators brought up the Vikings as a Superbowl team. I've been a fan long enough to know that you never, never, never get your hopes up for the Vikings in the Superbowl. It's almost like the Cubs in the Series. They may get there, but (see above) they will find a way to choke. Just enjoy the season and don't look too far ahead.

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