Friday, October 9, 2009

This is Minnesota, after all!

On to something a little different -- I just have to pause for a moment to make the observation that this has, so far at least, been the PERFECT Minnesota fall for bowhunting. With the exception of a few steady days of rain last week, it's been just amazing. Tomorrow they're saying we might even have a tracking snow. If this is what happens with global warming, I say bring it on.

I'm waiting for my appointment with the neurologist on Wednesday. Waiting. Very much hoping that he will give his benediction to me hunting for the rest of the fall.

If he sees the need to put restrictions on my activity from here on out, I have to trust that God will use those, as well. So far he's done a good job of using my getting sick, being hospitalized, and being on restricted activity. I have to believe he knows better than I do.

But I have definite opinions about what should happen Wednesday.

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