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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Wow -- what a couple days! I am pausing for a few minutes on the drive home from Pete's funeral, waiting to pick up my daughter from school stuff, and trying to sort out the last 48 hours in my head.

Usually when I go "home" it's a quiet time with lots of sitting in the woods and that big silent old house where I grew up. I love it. I loved this visit, too, but it was way different. Nine of us in the big old house, including four under the age of six years. Uff da. I did indeed sit in the woods this morning for about 90 minutes and got repeatedly and thoroughly scolded by a trio of red squirrels. Of course, the family service last night and Pete's funeral today were amazing opportunities to reconnect with family and others I haven't seen in way too long. We laid Pete's body to rest in the southeast corner of the Faaberg cemetery, just a few feet from my Mom & Dad's graves, so after the service I swung past their spot to say hi. There were a few other familiar names on some of the headstones, and as I wandered through on the way back to the church basement I was amazed (again) by the way their faces just pop up from the headstones and I see them singing in church, or visiting over coffee, or in their living rooms as we came to carol them at Christmas many years ago. It's a bit strange when so many of the saints I know are now underground. Their bodies, at least.

We made a point of extending a few conversations over the church ladies' wonderful repast, and then swung by to see one of my other uncles who has a hard time getting out these days. That was very fun. Aging is a strange phenomenon -- you don't get a lot of choice in how it happens, only in how you react to it.

All in all, it was a great time but I sure enjoyed the last four hours of silence on the road. I guess I'm just wired in such a way that I need a lot of processing time.

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