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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Alpha retreat

Yesterday was the Alpha retreat focused on the Holy Spirit. We had about 80 people gather for the day. I was once again so impressed by the team of leaders who carry the Alpha ministry at Central! Looking back I think it was far and away the best Holy Spirit retreat out of the ten or so we've done here.

Friday evening eight of us drove down to Golden Valley for the regional Alpha celebration. What was so cool that night was hearing stories from all over the Twin Cities region of things God has been doing in people's lives through Alpha. It is exciting to know it's not just happening here, but in churches and ministries and homes all over the place.

I'm still amazed by the fact that 1) so many church leaders are totally unaware of Alpha and 2) that of those who know of it, many are defensive about it or even opposed to it. The course is running in just about every denomination, on every continent (with the possible exception of Antarctica) and consistently those who experience it say it draws them into a closer relationship with God. What's not to like? I understand there are some who quibble about some of the theological niceties. Maybe that's fodder for pondering another day.

For now I just thank God for the people who opened themselves up to God's Spirit in a new way yesterday.

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