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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A contrary voice

Here's a direct quote from the online version of a small-town Minnesota newspaper (not Elk River), in response to an article that touched, among other things, on the ELCA and various parties' decisions to leave or to stay. In the rather contentious "comments" section following the online article, one person summed up the way Christians look from their perspective. They said:

"To those who quote scripture- Why can't you put down your bibles and think for yourself? Please, please, please OPEN YOUR MINDS instead of relying on ancient stories to tell you how to think. You are carrying around a lot of hatred."

I post that here primarily because many Christians are totally unaware that people think this way. Many blissful Christians assume everyone pretty much thinks they way they do. They assume that everyone recognizes the Bible as an important, valuable book, and that quoting it responsibly as a guide for life is a Good Thing. We like to think everyone agrees with that.

It's not true.

1 comment:

  1. With a comment like that it makes me wonder if they are really Christian at all.