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Sunday, December 13, 2009

An articulate argument

Former Presiding Bishop of the ELCA Herb Chilstrom calls this "one of the best biblical studies of the so-called "homosexual" texts that I have seen." It is an argument written by Vincent Pizzuto, Ph.D, of the Celtic Christian Church. The CCC in many ways resembles Roman Catholicism in its practice, but without the adherence to some of the theology and traditions of the Roman church. In the interest of helping people understand the arguments around the issues facing ELCA members and congregations following the ELCA's decisions in August, I post these links so people who want can read the arguments for themselves.

I agree with Chilstrom that this is one of the most articulate statements in favor of the ELCA's new position that I have read (though Pizzuto is not defending the ELCA but articulating the CCC's stance). Read it carefully. You will find that Pizzuto, like other apologists for this position, starts with the position he wants to defend, then asks, "How can I get around the relevant biblical texts that contradict my position?" He ends up like Walter Wink, Mel White and so many others, saying, "The Bible doesn't really mean what it seems to say."

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