Friday, January 22, 2010

Christianity & Culture weekend

Some readers in the Twin Cities area might be interested in the Worldview Academy "Christianity & Culture" weekend February 19-20 at Nowthen Alliance. Find out more information about the weekend and about Worldview here. To get registration and contact information, click here.

My daughters have attended a week-long camp for several summers sponsored by the Worldview organization. Get this -- it's a week long camp that includes 25+ hours of lecture, and each year they can't wait to go back. Recently my younger daughter and I were talking about how it is so difficult for many high school students to take tests. She made the comment that most of test-taking was just logic and thinking the potential answers through. "But then," she said, "I guess most kids haven't been to Worldview, so they maybe don't know how to think things through." This weekend is designed for both youth and adults and does a great job helping people assess the culture around them from a biblical perspective.

As a pastor and theologian, I can almost always find some minor point to disagree with in anyone's presentation if I look hard enough. Worldview is certainly no exception. I would never recommend that you just go and swallow everything they tell you without critically examining it. But repeatedly I've seen the material that Worldview teaches used by God to help people understand that following Jesus and following the ways of the world are different.

The early bird discount ends February 1st, so if you're interested it's worthwhile to jump on it right away. If you have questions, shoot me an email.

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