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Monday, April 5, 2010

Full disclosure

Good morning, and I hope you are living in Easter today! In Minnesota at least it's not hard to do when the sun is shining and there's no snow on the ground. It feels like gorgeous spring weather, and I'm loving it.

I want to offer two very brief comments:

First, an apology. My "mythology" post earlier -- the long excursus -- was probably more than anyone needed to read about a topic that obviously pushes my buttons a little bit, and I should have let that sit for a while before posting it. It's too easy to get wordy and self-absorbed in responding off-the-cuff like that.

Second, regarding the whole "historicity of Genesis 1-11" topic, it's only fair to add -- as I promised Bruce I would do -- that the question of what happened historically is not settled for me, but I'm not willing to surrender all the shreds of history from Genesis 1-11 either. The reason I went off like I did is that I get frustrated when we make it all about what happened back then -- and we don't realize that this story is describing us, that we are Adam, that we are Eve. So I probably go too far over to the other side of the pendulum, overemphasizing that these stories are designed to tell me who I am and to show me what my life is like. But that doesn't mean I don't think there could have been a literal garden of Eden or that Cain really did physically kill his brother Abel. I think there are some great questions to speculate about wrapped up in all that, but if we focus on "what happened then" we miss the more immediate and helpful question of "what does this story tell me about me and my life".

Nuff said, at least for the moment.

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