Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life happens

Apologies to those of you who have been watching for an update to this blog. I have been a little overwhelmed this week just keeping up with life. A good friend of ours, Amy Harbaugh, passed away Tuesday morning after a battle with cancer, so we have been wrapped up in the company of many of our brothers and sisters, and especially doing what we can to care for her husband and daughters. Then today, my oldest daughter graduates from high school. This is not a traditional graduation but a homeschool graduation, so we are not only doing our own ceremony but also the more traditional open house, followed by what she calls the "bonfire and night o' mayhem" this evening. So I appreciate your prayers!

This week was much of what I saw coming in my last post about brothers and sisters and how we are called to care for each other. We are so blessed with many, many strong relationships with people who care for us.

I'm hoping to be back to Genesis next week. Thanks for your patience!


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