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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Apologies for not posting here for several days -- I was delivering my daughter Erica's graduation gift, which was a four-day trip to the Boundary Waters with her dad. (Aw, do I have to?) We had a GREAT time there including visits from Mike and Ned from Eau Claire WI who ended up on a remote stretch of the Frost River without a campsite late on Friday evening, so they pitched their tarp (yes, tarp) on our site ... da schnapper, as Erica called him, a ginormous snapping turtle with the longest turtle tail I've ever seen, who came around to investigate us, a particular and heretofore undiscovered species of bird Erica labeled "gizmotic mallards" (though they looked suspiciously like mergansers to her father), Herman the warp-capable woodtick, and an 18-hour flu bug that caught me right in the solar plexus and taught Erica that she is indeed able to take charge on a Boundary Waters trip if she needs to.

So thanks for your patience. We had a great 36 miles of paddling, portaging, and lifting over beaver dams, spent some significant time having conversations about who God is and what he's up to, and generally just enjoyed each other and one of our favorite playgrounds. I'm hoping to get back into Genesis in the next 24 hours or so.

P.S. About the picture -- if you ever have the chance to play in the rapids on the portage between Mora and Little Saganaga lakes, TAKE IT.

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