Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mysterious ways ...

This has little to do with Noah ... at least on the surface. But sometimes you just need to take a break and look around to see what's going on.

So Tuesday evening, my wife and I decided to attend a softball game. It was Central Fielders Team #1 versus Central Fielders Team #2. Since both teams are from our church, I knew right off the bat (!) that I would like the winning team. It was HOT. We sat in the bleachers and visited with others from Central and met a few new people. Then we went and found the smart people sitting in the shade and visited with them.

After the game (the team from Central won -- woo hoo!) we walked out to the car which we had parked WAY far away from the ball fields in the designated parking area, beyond the double fence so there's no risk of vehicle damage. And our windshield had been spiderwebbed by a home run off the other ball field.

We laughed a bit and were very grateful that we have glass coverage. After a day or so of inconvenience, having to truck both of us around in my pickup (which is actually kind of fun -- when you grew up as far out in the country as I did, there's nothing better than driving around in a pickup with your favorite girl) we are finally getting the windshield replaced by one of those insurance-company-recommended trucks that comes out to your place and does the repair onsite. Cool.

The "hmmm ..." part of this happens when the repair guy goes to remove the old windshield -- and it just pops right out. Apparently the last time we had it replaced, a year ago, the adhesive was not properly applied. Repair Guy's words were, "If I was you, I'd be pretty thankful right now that I hadn't been in an accident with this car. That windshield would never have stayed put."

So now I'm very thankful. I'm really thankful I didn't throw a tantrum about my wrecked windshield the other night. And I'm shaking my head just a little about the sneaky ways God sometimes works.

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