Friday, March 11, 2011


Whoa. I'm teaching this week and next week. And a little amazed by a) how much fun it is, and b) how much work it is. I thought I was going to have quite a bit of time to blog (don't you love how that is both a noun and a verb?) but such has not been the case.

Yet I am hoping to have time to do some more reflecting, thinking, and pondering, and to have time to write about it and share it with you. I'm learning lots, just not having a ton of time to reflect and write!

One tidbit - I have been reminded (just today) that so many of the ponderable theology questions -- like free will, predestination, and more -- have been carefully considered and addressed in a particular Lutheran document called "The Formula of Concord" that was written in 1580. So if you're interested in some of those difficult questions like "Do humans really have free will?" or maybe "Does God predestine some people to go to hell?" you might want to do an online search for the Formula of Concord. It's good stuff. Just look for a readable translation because there are several out there, and some of them are pretty tough to decipher.

Got to go do teacher stuff. More soon, I hope!

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