Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I've been pretty restless all day today. My wife noticed it within moments of getting home from work. This restlessness has continued through a four mile walk, a delightful time wandering in the woods with hunting partner Jason and helping him put up a stand, time sitting in my recliner reading Scripture, time sitting in my recliner reading a novel, time standing in the kitchen cooking supper, and time working on household projects. I've just been antsy most of the day.

Usually that means God is getting me ready for something, or maybe that there is something coming up I need to be ready for. It could be just that I'm coming to the end of my sabbatical and feel the need to make the most of the last few days. But I'm paying attention.


  1. As long as your not nesty. There would be many more questions with that scenerio. Praying you through your sabbatical.
    Even though your missed, you come back when your good and ready or when God tells you to.
    Ok, so maybe I don't have the authority to say that last part, but it sure did sound good didn't it! :D
    Your blog peeper,

  2. Stacy, thanks for your prayers! I'm planning to be back in just under a week (!) and trying hard to use these last few sabbatical days well. I have sorely missed the community at Central and look forward to returning! This time away has been such a gift.

    And I'm sure if you said I didn't have to come back yet, no one would object ... ?


  3. I just saw a vision of staff members each holding a letter that spelled
    O B J E C T...and a whole lotta Central peeps chanting while shaking their pom poms that they agree....
    See you soon.
    Blessings on your remaining days!