Sunday, July 15, 2012

Oh, life is good!

This weekend I:

  • made a 4-hour road trip (four hours each way) with four people, two dogs, and a lot of luggage in a '92 Dodge Dakota pickup with dubious air conditioning
  • spent at least three hours off and on playing with two pre-teen raccoons (to use roughly equivalent human aging -- they remind me of ten year old boys, though both are female, that have to climb everything, explore every space, play practical jokes, and love to wrestle, and they eat like grizzly bears) -- including, but not limited to, having said coons playing on my shoulders, removing my glasses, trying to divest me of my wedding ring, nibbling on my fingers, and popping and hissing like cobras when I surprised them
  • took my sweetheart for a half hour ride around the farm on a four-wheeler -- much delight!
  • led an expedition with shovels and hoes to break up two beaver dams in order to provide water for my brother's cattle herd downstream (don't worry, the beavers still have plenty of water, and I'm sure they've fixed the damage already)
  • wandered the Polk County Fair in my hometown of Fertile, Minnesota, and saw lots of people I know from many years ago
  • sampled pie at the Concordia Lutheran Church food booth (I recommend the cherry almond)
  • got reacquainted with Erica, who has grown a lot during her six months in Central America
  • enjoyed a wonderful ninety minutes catching up with my oldest friend in the world (Kevin, friends since my first day of kindergarten) watching the parade of vehicles and people going by at the fair
  • roped and wrestled a calf that needed treatment for foot rot (I am no threat to the PRCA ropers at this point)
  • got educated by my daughter Mathea about core personalities and shadow personalities, her own adaptation of the psychological work of C.G. Jung

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