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Monday, August 13, 2012

Change in the weather

Things have turned here in Minnesota.  The last six weeks were sweltering days -- hot, humid, and difficult to endure, at least for those of us who stay in Minnesota primarily due to the beautiful winters.

I'm sort of kidding about that, but not really.

The last week, however, the weather turned -- highs around 80 degrees, nights cool enough to wear flannel pajamas (still sleeping above the sheets, of course) and beautiful, beautiful mornings and evenings.

Maybe it's the weather change; I'm not sure.  At any rate, my mental state seems to have turned as well. A week ago I couldn't string together two worthwhile thoughts to save my life.  Now I have a list of topics to ponder that would fill many blog posts.  Hopefully I'll get to some of them very soon.

Tonight, however, I'm training some new pastorate leaders at Central, so I'm not going to delve into the philosophical and reflective just yet.  However, if you were not at Central on Sunday, I strongly encourage you to visit Central's website and listen to the sermon delivered by one of India's strongest intellectuals, Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi.  He spoke at all three morning services and did an amazing job.  Personally I'll be going back very soon to re-listen to the longest of the three, his 11 am sermon.  (Click here to be directed to that sermon.)  Dr. Mangalwadi is one of those speakers who says things and you go, "Wow ..." and realize that all your life, you've believed stuff that is mostly untrue.  Or at best partially true.

Please understand, I heard Dr. Mangalwadi speak three times on Sunday morning, and I will still be repeating the longest of his three sermons as soon as I can set aside some time.  His call for the church to stand up for truth is powerful, and well worth your time.

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