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Friday, January 18, 2013

Sufficient unto the day ... (Mt. 6:34)

There's something just right in January about having a day off.  Oh, there's still a few things on the list I need to do -- a couple emails that need a response today, and some background thinking about Sunday's sermon that needs to be pondered.  Those things will take some minutes here and there.

I got up this morning and had a cup of coffee in my Recliner Of Meeting, read another chapter of Matthew and pondered that for a bit.  Puttered around the house for a bit while my wife was still sleeping, then got workout clothes on and went to the gym.  Worked out pretty hard, but not too hard as I'm planning to be back there tomorrow morning again.  Now I'm at Dunn Brothers in Elk River while my wife has lunch with a few friends.  It's a pretty laid back day.  Later on a friend and I are going to see if we can fool any coyotes into thinking we're wounded rabbits.  I haven't been coyote hunting in years.  Kind of excited about it.

There are metaphorical thunderheads on the horizon, of course.  Pastorally I'm flying solo on Sunday morning -- though of course I'm not solo because there are lots of other people who carry various parts of Sunday morning worship on their shoulders.  Our upcoming mission trip to Honduras is coming like a freight train, and I'll have to figure out what to bring for that adventure.  I also need to look through devotional plans for that week, as I've been leaning pretty hard on the rest of the team for the other details of the trip.  Not shirking, I hope,  but certainly not leading.  Fortunately there's a great group of dedicated people handling the details.  Certainly there might be other crises that come up in the coming days while the other pastors are still away from Central, but I can't anticipate those until they happen.  Then next week we've got a two-day staff retreat that bumps right up against departure for our Honduras trip, so I'll need to get focused before that.

I think sometimes about the old "Flinstones" show -- I was never much of a fan.  Gilligan and Col. Hogan had my loyalty.  The one image I find handy is Fred Flinstone looking in the closet for his bowling ball.  Without fail, whenever he opened the closet door, a mountain of stuff came spilling out.  Life is like that sometimes.  Today is a day when I'm leaving the closet door closed, for the most part, and taking a deep breath.  Without overstating the case, I think it's kind of a spiritual discipline.  I know people who just can't stand to leave that closet door closed, can't stand not to deal with whatever problems are on the horizon while they take a deep breath.

Not me.  I'm enjoying today.

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