Wednesday, April 3, 2013

World enough, and time

I am lamenting lately the lack of time for pondering.

It sits like a weight on my neck.  There are just too many things to think about, and too little time to think all the needful thoughts.

In the middle of my workday, sitting at my desk during two hours of time set aside for projects and planning, I -- all innocent -- ran across two or three old scrawled sheets of plans.  Each bore a heading like "Possible timeline for ..." or "Goals for the next three years."  What do you do with that, when you find yourself two years into the three-year cycle and reality does not match the plannings on the page?  Certainly seems like it should be time to sit and assess, and maybe even reassess.

But the afternoon is full of appointments, responsibilities, schedules, and miles.  Promises to keep and all that.

I may have to take the drastic step of restructuring my priorities and actually setting aside some time.  How radical is that?

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