Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Recovery mode

Oh, my.

Sunday was one of the fullest, most incredible days I have experienced.  The send-off that Central gave me was phenomenal, and I am not even close to recuperated from it yet.  Lots of tears, lots and lots of laughter, tons of hugs and a whole slew of gifts and cards that Julie and I are planning to work through in the next couple days.  Many, many thanks to all those who had a part in that day.  Especially I am grateful to the staff at Central, not only for their Broadway-quality production of "Goin' on a Bear Hunt" complete with bear poo (it was delicious) and silly string and an "OSHA Approved Tree Stand" -- but also for all the many, many tiny and massive things they did to make that day happen.  I could go on and on naming individuals -- but I won't.  Know that you have made a huge impact in my heart.

So I'm still processing.

One of the questions that still rambles around in my mind is whether I could have taken the trike down the altar steps during the staff song.  Here's a pic of me debating the options:


  1. At that angle you would make it down the stairs though not still on top of the trike.

  2. That was the conclusion I reached as well. I thought about trying to get squared up to the steps a little more but realized that would take more jimmying around than the adventure was worth -- besides, I didn't want to tear my good pants.