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Friday, May 1, 2015


Mostly I eat a low-carb kind of diet. Not strictly, you understand, but for very practical reasons. I find, as a type-1 diabetic, that a low carbohydrate diet helps me regulate my blood sugars. I have gone round and round with my doctors about this over the years. For years they told me it was unhealthy, I was going to get high cholesterol (my cholesterol has never been above 160, and usually hovers around 140 or so. The 160 was when I was eating lots of carbs.) So I live on eggs and summer sausage and bacon and nuts. I eat very little bread and almost never drink things like fruit juices and such. I avoid oatmeal because of the blood sugar spikes that follow, even though oatmeal is a delicious gift from God. Yesterday for both lunch and supper I had a pork chop on a stick along with some veggies. Low carb.

But once in a very great while it is an amazing pleasure to have a piece of apple pie for breakfast.

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