Saturday, June 23, 2018

Savoring the taste of summer

If you're in Minnesota today, you already know this: It is one of those priceless, precious treasures of a day. Gorgeous, sunny, warm but not hot. So far today I've walked around with a quiet cup of really good coffee in the early morning sunshine checking on a few odds and ends, scared up a couple deer who bounded off into the brush, had a non-urgent phone call checking in with a good friend, spent time in my Bible and conversation with God, chuckled at a few online communiques, and wrote for a while on the novel I'm working on. I need to clean house for my daughter and son-in-law arriving later today and do a couple work projects, mostly involving computer stuff. Might well get the hammock out and read N.T. Wright for a bit later, throw a lure in the water and see if the bass are biting, take the 4-wheeler around the trails. It's a luscious, near-perfect day. Whatever you're doing, I hope you get to enjoy it!

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