Sunday, August 26, 2018

Full weekend here

It's been a busy one, and a busy week before that. Lots of work stuff Friday, bonfire Friday night, then Saturday afternoon and evening I had some really excellent friends coming out to Decision Hills, so I ran to Willmar in the morning to get groceries and such.

BUT ... have you ever noticed that life doesn't often go like you planned. Yeah. So I walked out of Cub with all my groceries, and my car wouldn't start. I had run into a coworker and good friend of mine in the store, and I texted him and he came back and jump started my car. I went on my merry way and got a mile down the road before the car died again. Guess what? Not a battery issue. It's an alternator issue. So I got the car in to Tires Plus in Willmar, got them to do a little analysis, and found out they wouldn't be able to do the work until Monday, so they gave me a loaner car, and I headed for home.

Got the groceries in the fridge (nothing had melted), friends showed up, we enjoyed lunch and hiking the trails and great conversation and played a fun takeoff on Monopoly called Bible-opoly, which was much more fun than any of us expected.

Then we talked for a long time longer, cooked a ham and some potatoes on the grill and enjoyed a Surly multi-pack of their summer brews and more fantastic conversation. (These are friends who have lovingly walked with me through the last year and a half of transition. We have had hard, honest, comforting, beautiful conversations about what God is up to in my life and through my life these days. What a gift! They have helped me see the good news of Jesus -- his word of mercy and forgiveness and love -- with new, deep, relational eyes.) We watched the ski boats out on the lake and enjoyed a spectacular sunset.

They had almost two hours' drive ahead of them, so they took off shortly after dark. I did a few minor projects -- loaded up some stuff that needs to be moved this week, cleaned up some messes that needed to be addressed before today's worship, and settled myself in for bed. A full Saturday.

This morning I had the privilege of preaching at The Open Door. Preached on Acts 18:1-11, a basic look at the city of Corinth and what we can learn from Paul's missionary work there. Here's the sermon if you want to watch it.

I've been relaxing this afternoon -- last night was short as far as sleep is concerned -- and soaking in the heat and humidity, which I'm sure will seem like a fond memory by January. Tonight I get to lead the third of three sessions of Alpha leaders' training, so I've been getting that arranged, videos prepared and an outline of what we're up to.

Life is full, and good. I'm watching the sun get lower in the western sky and that always tugs significantly at my heart. Part of me would love to have time to write this evening, or read, or watch the meadow to see if Mama and the twin fawns will make an appearance as they usually do. I've got pics of them on the trail camera a friend loaned me, so that's kind of fun. I'd love to take Wendell Berry or e.e. cummings out on the picnic table by the beach and relax and read poetry for a while tonight. 

By the time I'm done with Alpha training it will be dark and the bugs will be out. There will be time for poetry later in the week. I'm trying to learn to be patient. And in the meantime, I am blessed and life is good.

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