Friday, September 15, 2023

Looking forward

 Exciting things are happening! 

It's always exciting when I take the time to listen to God's voice. He speaks far more than I listen, but I do try. One of the things he consistently says to me, both through others and through that still, small voice in my heart, is "Keep writing." The last few years, I can't tell you how many times I've heard that little command. 

I love writing, and all my adult life I've been working on one writing project or another. Still, it was a big step to publish the two books I have out. What a crazy journey! (If you're interested in those books, you can search for me, Jeff Krogstad, on Amazon or you can click the link to the right.) 

A couple years ago I realized I need to focus on finishing things. I want to intentionally complete projects (including books) and get them out so others can read them. So I've been dusting off a few books I had in the formative stages, and trying to get them to the point of publication. 

Here's the good news: My first published novel, Snowmelt, is going to be in print very soon! It's quite a bit different from the biblical books I've published before. I'm not giving up on that kind of writing, not at all. But I've always been a storyteller, and I'm eager to put a few longer stories out in print. Snowmelt will be the first of those. In the book, you'll find people struggling to live well, to deal with grief, and to decide what voices to listen to. It's a story I've been writing for a decade or so, on and off. Those that know me well won't be a bit surprised that lots of it happens in the Boundary Waters. I won't say a lot more about it yet, but when it comes out you'll hear about it here!

There are also several other books I've been working on. In the next few months I'll share a bit about some of those projects as well. My hope is to take projects that are in manuscript form or take stories I've been working on for years (like Snowmelt) and get those in print. 

Thanks to those of you who have encouraged me this direction! It's always a joy to hear that people are reading something I've written and that it is having an impact on them. I'm eager to get more works in print and see where the journey leads. 

If you have read either of my books that are currently in print (New Wineskins or From Slavery To Freedom) here's something you can do that would be a huge help to me. Would you go to the Amazon website where those books are listed and share a review? Doesn't have to be long or deep, but anything you have to say would be so helpful. Thanks!