Saturday, December 2, 2023

Happy Saturday!

 Welcome to a delightful December. Minnesota is enjoying a mild fall up to this point. We haven't had any really cold weather yet, and little snow to speak of. The horses have still been picking at grass out in the pasture, and this morning for the first time I'll put out a round bale for them. 

They'll be camping out tonight (sleeping in the pasture instead of the barn) as Lisa and I will be up north for a quick overnight. We're going to visit the shack, which is what we call the old hunting cabin my dad and his buddies built back in the 50's. It's about an hour north of Bemidji, way back in the bog country. It's great territory for bears and wolves and a handful of moose and deer. The boggy trails will be frozen, so hopefully we can walk a few miles and see some grouse. Sleeping in the shack shouldn't be too chilly. There's a small woodstove, and the temperatures are supposed to stay in the 20's overnight. We'll see!

We are resisting the push toward Christmas carols and decorations just yet. We both have a sense that those things are better enjoyed mid-December and onward. And with the lack of snow, that feels right on the outside as well. 

As far as writing, I've been editing a manuscript on Genesis 1-12 that I wrote about a decade ago. When it's finished, it will be a biblical interpretation of what Genesis says about the foundations for so many things. It's a more personal reading, not quite like my book on Exodus. But a similar way of reading the Bible, letting this word speak into our lives. 

And there are still a couple novels on the burner. I've been having fun thinking about sequels to Death on Disappointment Mountain. Lots of exciting potential there. Altered Vows is with an editor right now, and hopefully I'll be able to get that one in print and available late this winter. And we are working toward audio versions of both those novels. 

So life is full and good. Hope yours is as well!

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